Energy Efficiency for your Whole Home

Every homeowner in Ontario can now benefit from a wide range of energy-saving rebates for the whole home. You can receive thousands of dollars in incentives to make upgrades throughout the house and use less energy – no matter how you heat your home.



The more you upgrade the more you save

Get an assessment of your home to identify the best ways to reduce your energy use – such as replacing your furnace, replacing windows or installing insulation. Complete two upgrades and you could qualify for major rebates.


But why stop there?

Homeowners can now take advantage of Save on Energy rebates on ENERGY STAR® electric appliances – such as $600 off a new central air conditioning system or $75 to replace your current refrigerator.


New for electrically-heated homes

If you use baseboard heaters or another electric heating system, you can qualify for up to $4,000 to install an air-source heat pump and cut your electricity costs. Heat pump rebates are available to customers with other types of home heating as well.


Making energy efficient upgrades is easier than you think

Watch as Bryan Baeumler explains how making energy efficient upgrades can increase your home comfort and help you save.


How it works

  1. Contact a certified energy advisor
  2. Advisor visits your home
  3. Complete upgrades, do a post-assessment and receive rebates


Contact the utility that offers the program in your area

Visit Enbridge for a list of advisors available in Enbridge territory

Visit Union Gas for a list of advisors available in Union Gas territory

Don't know which utility offers this program in your community? Find out by visiting

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